The 13th Annual Drinking Song Show (285G)





The Renaissance Festival Bawdy Show

The Q.U.A.S.O.R. Podcast

Grape Stomping by Three Quarter Ale from Three Quarter Ale

We Never Drink by The Lost Boys from The Lost Boys

All For Me Grog by The Bilge Pumps from Greatest Hits Vol. VIII

Bottoms Up by The Dread Crew of Oddwood from Reign the Helm

If I Only Had Some Rum by Pirates for Sail from Dark Side of the Lagoon

Whiskey O’ by Pride of Bedlam from Boarding Party

Brannigan’s Special Ale by Heather Alexander from Midsummer Toast – To Absent Friends

Whiskey, Wine, and Beer by Siler & Clarc from Blu

Drop of Good Beer by Celtic Squall from Celtic Squall

Riches Women an’ Beer by Ed Miller and Robb Sansonetti from My Own Brand of Crazy

Whiskey and Beer by Joni Minstrel from Joni Minstrel Kicks the King

Beer, Beer, Beer by Wicked Tinkers from Big Bottle of Bad Ideas

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Cakes and Ale by Jesse Linder & Friends from Easy & Free

Drink the Night Away by The Crimson Pirates from Jack of all Trades

Moonshiner by Barleyjuice from A Night At The Pub

Meat, Bread, and Wine by The Dread Crew of Oddwood from Heavy Mahogany

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Drunken Billy by The Whiskey Bards from The Recruiter…Free Rum Ain’t Free

What Do You Do With a Drunken Ducky by NeidFyre from Waddles from the Sea


A Moment in History by The Rude Tudors

  • Background Music: Reflection by Cast in Bronze from Laird of the Rings

Shakespeare Approves by Willie Shakespeare

A Minute with Fugli by Fugli

The Archives by Bob Brinkman

The Moat by Scoundrels Inn

The Celler by Tony Artym

Joe on the Road by Joe Haydu


    • Honorary Minion – Jesse Linder
    • Honorary Minion – Brad Boucher
    • Host – Tony
    • Host / Audio Editor – The Tinker
    • Host / Audio Editor – Thomas
    • Host / Musicologist / Interviews – The Lookout
    • Host / Festival News – Chamber Maid
    • Host / Festival News – Joe
    • Interviews – Ken
    • Host – Matt
    • Host / Lyrics – Nathan
    • Host / Show Assistant – Serena
    • Show Facilitator – Captain
    • Host / Audio Editor – Thomas

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