Celts at the RenFest (252G)




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Scarborough Faire by Scott Boswell from Jug Of Punch

If I Was a Blackbird by The Captain and Malarky from The Captain and Malarky Singles

Purple Flower by Marc Gunn from Celtic Love

We Love Beer by Merry Wives Of Windsor from Bottoms Up

Rattlin’ Bog by Nancy Daily-Green from Silly Songs of the Selkie , Faire Favorites, Vol. 1

As by New Minstrel Revue from Far And Away

Isn’t It Grand! by Pandora Celtica from Dog Party (In The Key Of Swinging Cats

Black Velvet Band by Porter & Stout from Treasures

This Dreadful Life by Rambling Sailors from Wanderlust

ButterFly by Rhianon from Rhianon Singles

The Rights of Man by The Rogues from American Highlander

Tom A Bedlam by Tania Opland from Bonnie Rantin’ Lassie

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The Bonnie Johnson by Tartanic from Tartanic – Unstoppable

Danny Boy by The Borderers from Tales of Love & Loss

Fireship by The Whiskey Bards from The Recruiter…Free Rum Ain’t Free

Step It Out, Mary by Tullamore from Timber & Stream

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The Mermaid by Vince Conaway from Next Market Day

Beggar’s Song, Rigadoo by Water Street Bridge from Hard Times


The Faire is Over by Lorella Loftus

THE DUNGEON by Tony Artym with RenFest News


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The french castle that may have inspired “”Sleeping Beauty”” is filled with creepy mannequins.
More at www.smithsonianmag.com


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A Moment in History by The Rude Tudors

Background Music: Reflection by Cast in Bronze from Laird of the Rings


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Renaissance Festival Podcast – 235

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Irish Rover by Captain Black Jack Murphy from Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse


Tony Artym

Danny Faught

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Joe Haydu

Marc Gunn

Sonya Reiland

David Reiland

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Siul a Run by The Dublin Double from Where’s Yer Trousers?

Suo Gân by The Rogues from 3 LBS of Rage

Barley Mow by Country Matters from Chorus for a Queen

A MINUTE IN HISTORY by Sonya Reiland

Backgroud Music: Reflection by Cast in Bronze from Laird of the Rings

Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy by Rambling Sailors from Ports of Call

Ringa Dinga Da by Diane Linn from Bard of the Mountain

New York Girls by Ceann from Last Ones Standing

THE DUNGEON by Tony Artym

Johnnie I Hardly Knew Ye by The Crimson Pirates from That’s So Sad

Dark-Eyed Sailor by DeCantus from Tonight We’ll Merry Bee

The Black Ball Line by The Bilge Pumps from Greatest Hits Vol. VIII

THE TOWER by Joe Haydu

Background Music: Scarborough Fair by Kindred Spirits from Dispelling All Woes

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Green Grows the Laurel by Ed Miller from Lolander

Praetorius (Courante) by Blackmore’s Night from Fires At Midnight

Three Jolly Rogues of Lin by The Moor of Dundee from More Of The Moor Of Dundee

STORY TIME by Marc Gunn

Johnny Come Down to Hilo by Bounding Main from Going Overboard

Jolly Rovin’ Tar by 3 Pints Gone from There Is A Ship

Tom A Bedlam by Tania Opland from Bonnie Rantin’ Lassie

THE OBSERVATORY: Interview with Apryl Knight by Danny Faught

Mouse Dance by Apryl Knight from Allons-Y! Time Traveler’s Tunes

Blooming Love by Apryl Knight from Allons-Y! Time Traveler’s Tunes

The Servant’s Dance by Arethusa from Loxley’s Bow

The Faire is Over read by Lorella Loftus

Renaissance Festival Podcast #183

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News Frae Moidart by Zoe Alexander from BardSong

Away Rio by 3 Pints Gone from There Is A Ship

The Girl I Left Behind Me by Jolly Rogues from 14 Miles to Boston

My Work Doth Bite The Devil by Dan the Bard from Unicorns & Dragons

Leslie’s by Kaade from At a Loss for Words

FEATURE – Interview with NeidFyre

An Cailin Fion / The Black Nag by Tania Opland from Bonnie Rantin’ Lassie

Beidh Aonach Amarach by Abby Green from Einini

Radish Rap by German Twins from Single

Shu Badda by The Gypsy Guerrilla Band from Ernie’s Ottoman

Fire Maringo by The Crimson Pirates from Putrid And Disgusting

Renaissance Festival Podcast #179

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Bard Camp! by Dan Marcotte from Bard Camp!

Jolly Roving Tar by Molly & The Tinker from Pour Us Another

Come By the Hills by Captain John Stout from Comings & Goings

The Perfect Pint by Brian Leo from Tinker’s Rest

The Zucchini Song by The Interpreters from And We’re Back!

We’ll Have a Pint of Stout by Marc Gunn from Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits

Playford Dances by Brizeus from Brizeus

Fisherman’s Lass by The Crimson Pirates from To The Lifeboats

Broad Black Brimmer by Matt Hughes from One October Night

Fathom the Bowl by DeCantus from Tonight We’ll Merry Bee

Red Haired Mary by Terry Griffith from Faire Play

Bring Me Home, Boys by Bedlam Bards & Marc Gunn from Firefly Drinking Songs

If I Was A Stocksman by Holdyn Twyst from Fully Stocked

Sword From A Stone by Fugli from Fugli: The Less Than Unauthorized “Bootleg” Edition

I Am a Scotsman by Trinket from Landlocked

Death And The Lady by Tania Opland from Bonnie Rantin’ Lassie

Raise a Glass in Parting by Marc Gunn from Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits

Renaissance Festival Podcast #168

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Come Down You Roses/Blood Red Roses by The Pyrates Royale from Tales of the Brigantine

Four Hundred Turns by Tania Opland from Sunset’s Gold

Farewell To Talwaithe by Curtis & Loretta from Sit Down Beside Me

Ninety-Eight Not Out by Mallory & McCall from Kings of the Sea

Jardin Feerique by Cast in Bronze from Spirit of the Bells

FEATURE -Interview with Hey Nunnie Nunnie

Beggerman’s Song by Axel the Sot from Tales from the Tavern

Woman, Thou Art Beautiful by The Lost Boys from Heroes & Scoundrels

Morgan le Fay by Brigand’s Folie from Twain

Why Do You Call? by Craig of Farrington from 20 Years of Spicy Delights

Butterfly by Nancy Daily-Green from singing, dancing, everywhere