Renaissance Festival Podcast #96

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3 Pints Gone, “The Beaches of St. Valery” from Auld Lang Syne, the New Favorites Of 3 Pints Gone

Bounding Main, “Blow Liza Blow” from Going Overboard

Clandestine, “The Telfer Jigs” from To Anybody at All

Bramblebrush, “Greenman” from Songs from the Glade

Dogs in Doublets, “Pirate Song”

Rambling Sailors, “Holy Ground” from Wanderlust

The BorderCollies, “The Storm – Tam Linn” from The Road from Swannanoa

The Rogues, “Slip Jigs” from Live in Canada, Eh

Tourdion, “Liverpool Judies”

Seelie Court, “The Wreck of the Nancy Lee” from Cobblestone

Sirens’ Song, “Silk Road” from Starlight and Shadow

The Musical Blades, “The Toasting Song”

Jack Salt “Spanish Ladies”

The Bedlam Bards, “The Dark Lady” from Furious Fancies

Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading “The Faire is Over”

Renaissance Festival Podcast #16

Lagan Love performed by Bedlam, from Made In Bedlam

The Bantam Cock performed by Craig o Farrington, from Blue Upon Blue

Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell performed by Minstrel Woode, from Driftewoode

Mr. Buccaneer performed by Howl-O

Roll Your Leg Over performed by Iris and Rose, from Bedtime Stories

Red is the Rose performed by Rose Wood Guild, from Forever and a Day

Maggie Lauder performed by Seelie Court, from The Court Is Now In Session

Back to the Faire performed by The Rogues, from RogueTrip

Roll Me Over in the Clover performed by The Limey Birds, from TWEET!

Ship in Every Port performed by The Jolly Rogers, from X Marks the Spot

Catnipping Green performed by The Dubliner’s Tabby Cats, from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

Renaissance Festival Podcast #10

The Night Before Larry Was Stretched performed by Seelie Court from The Court Is Now In Session

Bonny Portmore performed by The Rogues from RogueTrip

Polar Bear performed by Wolgemut from Momento

John Riley performed by The Gutterpups from Within the Lamp

Through the Market Square performed by Djilia Phralengo (Jee-lee-ah Frah-lain-go) from Oracle

The Two Magicians performed by Empty Hats from The Hat Came Back!

The Cat Came Back (The Cat’s Perspective) performed by  Marc Gunn & The Dubliners’ Tabby Cats from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

Renaissance Festival Podcast #9

The Road to Lisdoonvarna – Dusty Windowsills performed by Scott Williams from The Road to Lisdoonvarna

Fhir An Bhata performed by Seelie Court from The Court Is Now In Session

The Coachman’s Whip performed by Jesse Linder from Easy & Free

Little Beggarman performed by Celtic Stone from Celtic Stone

Crayfish performed by Bedlam Bards from Take Out the Trash

Farewell Pixel performed by  Tartanic  from Unthinkable

Invocation performed by Seymoure, from Seymoure Says

Renaissance Festival Podcast #8

Bedlam Boys performed by  The Reelies, from Myth and Memory

Olde Hogshead Pub performed by Seelie Court, from The Court Is Now In Session

Desert Storm performed by  Scottish Mayhem, from Lookin’ Ahead

Swan-An Alarch performed by  Moch Pryderi (Moch (as in Mocha coffee) pre-DER-ee) from Belly Jerk

Rolling Me Over in the Clover performed by  The Limey Birds, from TWEET!

Black Leather Band performed by Bedlam Bards, from Take Out the Trash

Health to the Company performed by Brobdingnagian Bards, from A Faire to Remember