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Submit Music to the Renaissance Festival Podcast

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Submit Music to the Renaissance Festival Podcast

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Renaissance Festival Podcast
Music Submission Form

The Renaissance Festival Podcast features music and entertainment from groups and individuals who perform at Renaissance Festivals around the world.
For recorded music or entertainment, we need two things:



Your Permission

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

The podcast is hosted under a creative commons license. This means that the only payment you will receive is promotion through the podcast. We inform our listeners who performed the song and what album it came from. Then we include your URL in the show notes of every show.

PodSafe Music

Due to our Creative Commons license and the rules of the Performing Rights Organizations, the Renaissance Festival Podcast is restricted to playing music that is “PodSafe”. Podsafe music is music that is either public domain, written by the band, or any song for which we should not have to pay royalties. Please make sure to let us know which are not podsafe.

1. Contact and Band Information

This podcast is not self-sufficient. We don’t have the money to buy the dozens of CDs needed to run this show. Instead, we rely on you to submit recordings to the show
Full-Length Albums Preferred

  • Requests from albums can not be played if they are not in the Library.
  • Variety of music makes for better selections.
  • Selection via albums, not artist is preferred. The more Albums, the more likely it will be to be chosen for play.