6th – 2010

6th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards

Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Renaissance Magazine

Marc Gunn’s Celtic Invasion

Ren Fest Minions

Best Renaissance Festival:

1) Texas Renaissance Festival, www.texrenfest.com
2) Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.rennfest.com
3) Carolina Renaissance Festival, www.royalfaires.com/carolina
4) Minnesota Renaissance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com/MRF
5) Scarborough Renaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com

Best New Renaissance Festival:
(3 years or younger)

1) Sherwood Renaissance Festival, www.sherwoodforestfaire.com
2) Robin Hood’s Springtime Festival, www.ctfaire.com/spring
3) Barataria Springfield Pirate and Fairy Faire, www.baratariafaire.com
4) Chippewa Valley Renaissance Festival, www.festfun.com
5) Winslowshire, www.winslowshire.com

Best New CD Released in 2010:

1) 3 LBS. of Rage – The Rogues, www.therogues.com
2) Epic win – The Village Idiots, www.facebook.com/the.village.idiots
3) Score – Jolly Rogers, www.chivalry.com/jollyrogers
4) Drynk of Choice – Bocca Musica, www.boccamusica.com
5) Out of the Box! – Pandora Celtica, www.pandoraceltica.com

Best Music Group:

1) The Rogues, www.therogues.com
2) Tartanic, www.tartanic.net
3) Empty Hats, www.emptyhats.com
4) Jolly Rogers, www.chivalry.com/jollyrogers
5) Pyrates Royale, www.pyrates.com

Best Non-Musical Group:

1) The Tortuga Twins, www.tortugatwins.com
2) Barely Balanced, www.barelybalanced.com
3) Don Juan and Miguel, www.donjuanandmiguel.com
4) London Broil, www.thelondonbroilshow.com
5) Hack n’ Slash, www.hackandslash.com

Best Music Solo Act:

1) Cast in Bronze, www.castinbronze.com
2) Owain Phyfe, www.owainphyfe.com
3) Sarah Marie Mullen, www.sarahmariemullen.com
4) Jesse Linder, www.facebook.com/pages/Jesse-Linder/32216443382
5) Abby Green, www.abbygreen.com

Best Non-Musical Solo Act:

1) Zilch the Torysteller, www.torysteller.com
2) Ded Bob Show, www.dedbob.com
3) Daniel Greenwolf, www.greenwolfmagic.com
4) MooNIE the Magnificent, www.philipearl.com
5) Thomas Wood the Pyrojuggler, www.pyrojuggler.com

Best Comedy Musical Act:

1) Hey, Nunnie, Nunnie, www.heynunnienunnie.com
2) The Village Idiots, www.facebook.com/the.village.idiots
3) O’Danny Girls, www.comedyindc.com/odanny.htm
4) The Limeybirds, www.limeybirds.com
5) Pirate Shantyman and the Bonnie Lass, www.savagegrace.org/pirates

Best Non-Music Comedy Act:

1) Don Juan and Miguel, www.donjuanandmiguel.com
2) Ded Bob Show, www.dedbob.com
3) Barely Balanced, www.barelybalanced.com
4) Moonie the Magnificent, www.philipearl.com
5) Arsene Dupin, www.arsenedupin.com

Best Street Solo Act:
(A person, musical or non-musical on the streets and NOT on stage)

1) Twig the Fairy, www.twigthefairy.com
2) Jayna Lee Aerial Acrobatic, www.jaynaleeshow.com
3) Vince Conaway, www.vinceconaway.com
4) Emrys Fleet, The Rat Catcher, www.scarlettrat.com
5) Hob the Troll, www.hobthetroll.com

Best Street Group Performance:
(musical or non-musical, on the streets and NOT on stage)

1) Nickel Shakespeare Girls, www.nickelshakespearegirls.com
2) Sea Sirens, www.facebook.com/TheSeaSirens
3) Street Circus, www.mounthopestreetcircus.com
4) Out of the Box, mimioutofthebox.blogspot.com
5) Aerial Angels, www.angelsintheair.com

Best Street Cast:
(A Renaissance Festival)

1) Scarborough Renaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com
2) Minnesota Reniassance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com/MRF
3) Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.rennfest.com
4) Texas Renaissance Festival, www.texrenfest.com
5) Bristol Renaissance Festival, www.renfair.com/bristol

Best Stage Combat Group:

1) Don Juan and Miguel, www.donjuanandmiguel.com
2) Fight School, www.period-productions.com/FightSchool.html
3) Hack n Slash, www.hackandslash.com
4) The Tortuga Twins, www.tortugatwins.com
5) New York Renaissance Faire Fight Corps, www.renfair.com/NY

Best Bawdy Act:
(Adult-Oriented musical or non-musical)

1) Iris n’ Rose, www.iris-n-rose.com
2) The Tortuga Twins, www.tortugatwins.com
3) O’Danny Girls, www.comedyindc.com/odanny.htm
4) The Village Washer Wenches, www.facebook.com/pages/The-Village-Washer-Wenches/342231001957
5) Sound and fury, www.soundandfury.org

Best Jousting Troupe:

1) Noble Cause Productions, www.noblecausejoust.com
2) Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre, www.hanlon-lees.com
3) Freelancers – Fully Armored Jousting, www.facebook.com/pages/The-Free-Lancers/90519071905
4) Paragon Jousting, www.paragonjousting.com
5) Warhorse Productions, www.warhorse.com

Best Dance Troupe:

1) Masala Middle Eastern Dance Fusion, www.masalafusion.org
2) Jewels of the Caravan, www.magic-hips.com/performance.html
3) Shunyata Belly Dance Troupe, www.shunyatabellydance.com
4) Tribal de Luna Belly Dancing, www.marozniabellydance.com/tribal_de_luna_gypsy_dancers
5) Lotus Dance Studio, www.lotusdancestudio.com

Best Children’s Act or Performance:
(musical or non-musical, on stage)

1) Foolhearty, www.foolhearty.com
2) Robin Hood/St. George and the Dragon, www.patfranz.com
3) Rosalita’s puppets, www.rosalitaspuppets.com
4) Noobler the Tinker Gnome, www.nooblerthetinkergnome.com
5) Zilch the TorySteller, www.torysteller.com

Best Opening Gate Show:
(A Renaissance Festival)

1) Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.rennfest.com
2) Scarborough Renaissance Festival, www.srfestival.com
3) Minnesota Renaissance Festival, www.renaissancefest.com/MRF
4) Texas Renaissance Festival, www.texrenfest.com
5) New York Renaissance Festival, www.renfair.com/NY

Best Royalty:
(Court name)

1) Minnesota’s Royal Court, www.facebook.com/pages/Minnesota-Royal-Court/146123492085457
2) Scarborough’s Royal Court, www.srfestival.com
3) Pennsylvania ‘s Royal Court, www.parenfaire.com
4) Maryland’s Royal Court, www.rennfest.com
5) The Guilde of St. George – Bristol, www.renfair.com/bristol

Best Shop Vendor:

1) Moresca Clothing, www.moresca.com
2) Pendragon Costumes, www.pendragoncostumes.com
3) Lusty Leather, www.lustyleather.com
4) Ravenswood Leather, www.ravenswoodleather.net
5) Felix’s Needleworthy, www.needleworthy.com

Best Food:
(something you eat)

1) Turkey Leg
2) Bread bowls
3) Steak-on-a-stick
4) Scottish Eggs
5) The pickle

Best Faire Photography:

1) On the Run Photography, www.pbase.com/paul42
2) MajikBoxMan, www.majikboxman.com
3) Kevin Hedgecock, www.kevinhedgecockphoto.com
4) Michael Urich, www.michaelulrich.com/photography
5) Michael Erana

Best Faire Web Community:

1) PA Ren Faire community, www.parenfaire.net
2) Friends of The Maryland Renaissance Festival, www.friendsofmdrf.org
3) RenaissanceFestival.com, www.renaissancefestival.com
4) NErennies, www.nerennies.net
5) Friends of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, mrffriends.tripod.com

Best Renaissance Festival Magazine:

1) Rennaisance Magazine, www.renaissancemagazine.com
2) Faire Magazine, www.fairemagazine.com
3) Pyrates Way, www.pyratesway.com
4) Faerie Magazine, www.faeriemagazine.com
5) Pirates Magazine, www.piratesmagazine.com

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