4th – 2008

4th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards

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Renaissance Magazine

Marc Gunn’s Celtic Invasion

Ren Fest Minions

Best Music Group

  1. Tartan Terrors
  2. The Rogues
  3. Bocca Musica
  4. Bounding Main
  5. Empty Hats

Best Musical Soloist

  1. Craig of Farrington
  2. Owain Phyfe
  3. Jesse Linder
  4. Neid Fyre
  5. Darcy Nair

Best Non-Musical Group

  1. Barely Balanced
  2. The Tortuga Twins
  3. Pickled Brothers Sideshow
  4. Don Juan & Miguel
  5. The Washing Well Wenches

Best Non-Musical Solo Act

  1. Ded Bob
  2. Daniel Green Wolf
  3. Doktor Kaboom
  4. Zilch the Torysteller
  5. Moonie the Magnificent

Best Jousting Troupe

  1. Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre
  2. Knights of Noble Cause
  3. The Free Lancers of the Cimmerian Combatives Company
  4. Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Jousting Troupe
  5. Paragon Jousting and Adventure Theater

Best Stage Combat Group

  1. Don Juan and Miguel
  2. Fight School
  3. Hack & Slash
  4. Bristol Fight Cast
  5. The Duelists

Best Vendor

  1. Lusty Leather
  2. Moresca
  3. Cunning Woman and Jack Salt
  4. Pendragon Costumes
  5. Excalibur Leather

Best Renaissance Festival

  1. Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
  2. Maryland Renaissance Festival
  3. Bristol Renaissance Faire
  4. Minnesota Renaissance Festival
  5. New York Renaissance Faire

Best New Renaissance Festival

  1. Michigan Pirate Festival
  2. Long Island Pirate Faire
  3. Winslow Shire Renaissance Faire in Massachusetts
  4. Virginia Renaissance Faire
  5. Maine Renaissance Faire

Best Childrens Act

  1. Fool Hearty
  2. Rosalita’s Puppet Show
  3. Twig the Faerie
  4. Patrick Franz – Robin Hood and St. George & the Dragon
  5. Dragon Scales and Fairy Tales

Best Faire Photography

  1. Arwen Renaissance Photography
  2. Photography on the Run’s Photos
  3. Photography by Michael Ulrich
  4. Majikboxman, Mankato MN. Fantasy Art. Minnesota Renaissance
    Festival Photography

Best Faire Community

  1. PA Ren Faire community for Friends of the Pennsylvania Renaissance
  2. renaissancefestival.com
  3. Friends of Maryland Renaissance Festival
  4. The Bristol Board
  5. NERennies

Best New CD

Sorry. There was an error in the form which left off all the of the contenders for Best New CD of 2008. In its place we present FORTY-NINE Renaissance Festival albums that were released in 2008. Drop by the various websites and pick up these albums and support other Renaissance Festival musicians. Or visit our 2008 Renaissance Festival CD Store on CD Baby. It features many (though not all) of the CDs listed below.

  1. “Renaissance Festival Compilation” by Renaissance Festival Podcast
  2. “Real Men Wear Kilts” by Brobdingnagian Bards
  3. “What Color Is Your Dragon?” by Marc Gunn
  4. “Fog & Fire” Brigands Folie
  5. “Faire Warning” by Merry Measure
  6. “Mr. Woode’s 5th” by Minstrel Woode
  7. “Take a Holiday” by Stonhenj Players
  8. “What’s a Little Mutiny Between Friends?” by Without a Net
  9. “Travelers all” by Reve Du Faun
  10. “Going Overboard” by Bounding Main
  11. “Far and Away” by The New Minstrel Revue
  12. “Piratically Incorrect” by Musical Blades
  13. “Songs to Sing When You’re Drunk” by Axel the Sot
  14. “Three sheets to the wind” by Porter and Stout
  15. “Wonderlust” by Rambling Sailors
  16. “Marc Gunn 2008 EP” by Marc Gunn
  17. “Whiskers in the Jar” by Marc Gunn
  18. “Going for Brogue: Irish Pub Songs and Sea Shanties with an Accent” by Marc Gunn
  19. “A Tribute to Love” by Marc Gunn
  20. “Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogges” by Capt’n. Black’s Sea Dogges
  21. “On The Salt Sea!” by Henry Martin
  22. “Sweet Dreams” by Menagerie
  23. “An AfFaire of the Hart” by Various Artists
  24. “Thistle” by Scott Boswell
  25. “Einini” by Abby Green
  26. “Out of the Nest” by Hawke the Balladeer
  27. “Come N’ Be a Pirate!” by Crimson Pirates
  28. “Live at Hubba” by Hither, Dither and Yon
  29. “American Highlander” by The Rogues
  30. “5” by Empty Hats
  31. “Turning of the Season” by Wine and Alchemy
  32. “Ain’t Been Sober Yet” by Belfast Gin
  33. “Guardian Of Eternity” by Celtic Legacy
  34. “Red Light Special!” by Flirts of Fancie
  35. “Schnitzel Groovin” by The German Brothers
  36. “Beloved Mine” by The Harper and The Minstrel
  37. “Bring Us A Barrel” by Jack Salt & Captain’s Daughter
  38. “Green Album” by The O’Danny Girls
  39. “Patty’s In the Pub” by Orckes & Trolles
  40. “Uncharted Waters” by Porter and Stout
  41. “Christmas on the Cutlass” by Porter and Stout
  42. “Anchor Management” by Poxy Boggards
  43. “Irish Roots” by Shae Laurel
  44. “Get Together” by Shae Laurel
  45. “Awakening” by Tartan Terrors
  46. “X” by The Brigands
  47. “Unleashed” by The Naughty Bawdy Babes
  48. “Live ’08” by The Rakish Rogues
  49. “Caterina Francesca” by Caterina Francesca
  50. “Be Gentle” by The Interpreters

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