11TH – 2015

The 11th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards of 2015

Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Renaissance Magazine

Marc Gunn’s Celtic Invasion

The Minions

Best Renaissance Festival

First Place: Bristol Renaissance Faire

Second Place: Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Third Place: Minnesota Renaissance Festival


Best New Renaissance Festival 3 years or younger

First Place: Rosenvolk Medieval Festival

Second Place: The Nottingham Festival

Third Place: Carnevale Fantastico


Best New Musical Show

First Place: Bell Book and Canto

Second Place: Better Than Nun

Third Place: The Maguire Brothers


Best Musical Group Stage Show

First Place: Righteous Blackguards

Second Place: Tartanic

Third Place: Sirena


Best Non-Musical Group Stage Show

First Place: Barely Balanced

Second Place: Washing Well Wenches

Third Place: Wonder Elixir of Life


Best Music Solo Stage Show

First Place: Friar Finnegan

Second Place: Cast in Bronze

Third Place: Craig of Farrington


Best Non-Musical Solo Stage Show

First Place: MooNie the Magnif’Cent

Second Place: Shakespeare Approves!

Third Place: Zilch the Torysteller


Best Comedy Musical Stage Show

First Place: Musical Blades

Second Place: Hey Nunny Nunny

Third Place: 2 Merry Men


Best Non-Musical Comedy Stage Show

First Place: Tortuga Twins

Second Place: Renaissance Rumble

Third Place: Wise Fools Improv


Best Solo Street Performance

First Place: Gabriel the Plague Doctor

Second Place: Vince Conaway

Third Place: Twig the Fairy


Best Group Street Performance

First Place: Bristol Buskin Frolic

Second Place: Queen Beatrice

Third Place: Beefcake and Olive


Best Bawdy Show

First Place: Iris and Rose

Second Place: Looney Lucy and Ploppy

Third Place: Naughty Bawdy Brigade


Best Stage Combat Group Show

First Place: The Swordsmen: Dirk and Guido

Second Place: Don Juan and Miguel

Third Place: Bawdily Harm


Best Jousting Troupe

First Place: Noble Cause Productions

Second Place: The Jousters

Third Place: Heroic Knights of Old


Best Dance Troupe

First Place: The Vodca Family

Second Place: Danse Macabre from Southern CA

Third Place: Black Isles Bellydance


Best Children’s Show

First Place: Cutlass Cooking

Second Place: Fool Hearty

Third Place: Unicorn Productions


Best Historical Show

First Place: Viking Encampment from MN

Second Place: Saint Andrew’s Noble Order of Royal Scots

Third Place:Renaissance Masters Pavilion


Best Shop Vendor

First Place: Mockingbird Studio

Second Place: Pendragon Costumes

Third Place: Fellowship Foundry


Best Faire Photography

First Place: Photography by Michael Ulrich

Second Place: John Karpinsky

Third Place: Ron Tencati Photography


Best Faire Web Community

First Place: PaRenFaire.net

Second Place: RenaissanceFestival.com

Third Place: Ren Faire Dating


Best Food

First Place: Turkey Legs

Second Place: Scotch Eggs

Third Place: Cheese Fritters


Best Drink

First Place: Mead

Second Place: Beer

Third Place: Sassafras