David Reiland

Show Facilitator

(AKA: Lord Nicholas London – Privateer)


Don’t be fooled by his bald head and unsightly features. The Piratical Force flows deep within him.

Though socially inept and a bit of a misfit, he endeavors to do his best at all tasks requested of him.

With the guidance of the his love, his sails remain true.

Knighted by Her Majesty Elisabeth, Queen of England as a Royal Privateer, his sights are always to the adventures to be had at sea.

As Captain of the ship, the “Sunken Treasure”, he seeks to bring new and exotic music to the Podcast. Mixing just the right blend of tunes to capture the hearts of Renaissance Festival Music enthusiasts.

The Sunken Treasure is moored to the pier, and London can be found in the Captain’s Quarters charting the next podcast.


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