Danny Faught

Show Musicologist


(AKA: The Lookout)

Danny lurks in the castle observatory, using his arsenal of specialized instruments to scan the realm for new music. His appetite for music is insatiable, and he won’t stop until all the music in the world is in his grasp. He invites you to join forces with him in his explorations in Renfair Musicology.

Danny is a vocalist and percussionist for Green Man Clan, where he gets to perform with his whole family.

He also tries to pass as normal in the church choir. He once tagged along with a youth orchestra to play percussion in a big concert hall, and he’s pretty sure his beard didn’t ruin his disguise.

His somewhat patient and highly talented wife is confident that he’ll get better rhythm someday, but only if he practices a lot more.

Our Lookout spends most of his days pushing buttons on a box and pushing around a small rodent, whining about things that don’t work and asking someone else to fix it. Along with the glee of causing spectacular failures on purpose and getting paid for it, listening to Ren Faire music keeps him going.

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