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Song #1 – When I Was A Maid performed by Tania Opland & Mike Freeman from Choice Faire heard on show The First Show # 1

Song #2 – Dragonborn (Theme from Skyrim) performed by Celtica Fae from Debut Album heard on show Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival # 298

Song #3 – Mingulay Boat Song performed by BOOM from Prepare to be Boarded heard on show

Song #4 – Spanish Ladies performed by Pride O’ Bedlam from Refit heard on show

Song #5 – Call Of The Sea performed by Sirens’ Song from Starlight And Shadow heard on show New Music # 290

Song #6 – Love Is A Verb performed by Carl Asch from Songs Of The Open Road heard on show Love Song Show # 289

Song #7 – Come Take a Trip on the Quasor performed by Marc Gunn and Written by Nicholas London from SINGLE heard on show

Song #8 – Better Than You performed by Bell Book & Canto from Poor Life Choices heard on show New CDs of 2016 # 279

Song #9 – Where, Oh Where, Art Thou Tonight performed by Boogie Knights from Many A Sleepless Knight heard on show Chuck’s Filk Show # 278

Song #10 – Spancil Hill performed by Chris Gray from Fuist heard on show Shakespeare Approves # 276

Song #11 – Raggle Taggle Gypsies performed by Jackdaws from On the Lash heard on show Round Table at The Louisiana Renaissance Festival # 273

Song #12 – Rainbow Blues performed by Blackmore’s Knight from A Ghost of a Rose heard on show The Lady’s Show # 270

Song #13 – Why Does Love…? performed by Merry Measure from Faire Warning heard on show Love Songs at Faire # 265

Song #14 – Itches In Me Britches performed by The Interpreters,  from And  We’re Back! heard on show Instrumental and A Capella # 264

Song #15 – If I Were a Blackbird performed by Bardmageddon from Crows and Kings heard on show General Show # 263

Song #16 – German Clock-Winder performed by Bramblebush from Songs From The Glade heard on show Ken Went to the Faire # 262

Song #17 – One Last Song performed by Molly and the Tinker from The Best Of Molly & The Tinker, Vol. 2 heard on show 11th Anniversary Drinking Show. # 261

Song #18 – Parting Glass performed by Medieval Fair of Norman, OK from Last Huzzah! heard on show Medieval Fair of Norman OK # 257

Song #19 – Beggar’s Song, Rigadoo performed by Water Street Bridge from Hard Times heard on show Celts at the RenFest # 252

Song #20 – Drive the Cold Winter Away performed by Porter & Stout from Christmas on the Cutlass heard on show

Song #21 – Traveling Minstrels performed by Rowan & the Rose from Friendly Traveling Minstrels heard on show Round Table at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival # 248

Patreon Songs:

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Song #80 – Star of the County Down performed by Season’s Melody from The Crossroads Faire heard on show # 124

Song #81 – Kilkelly (Cedric’s Farewell) performed by Bedlam Bards from Furious Fancies heard on show # 112

Song #82 – Bonny Rollin’ Sailor performed by Limey Birds from Yo-Ho heard on show # 109

Song #83 – King Of Ballyhooley performed by Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings from No Bedrolls Or Backpacks heard on show # 106

Song #84 – What Do You Do With A Drunken Duckie? performed by Neidfyre from Waddles From The Sea heard on show # 100

Song #85 – Step It Out Mary performed by Tullamore from Timber & Stream heard on show # 97

Song #86 – Johnny Jump-Up performed by Gallamor the Bard from Drive By Barding heard on show # 88

Song #87 – Wilder(er) Rover Blues performed by Bret Blackshear from Fingers, Frets and Fire heard on show # 85

Song #88 – Enchantment of Fairies performed by Cantiga from Once Upon A Time heard on show # 79

Song #89 – Farmers Polska performed by Wolgemut from Momento heard on show # 76

Song #90 – Pavanne performed by Cast In Bronze from Spirit Of The Bells heard on show # 64

Song #91 – General Taylor performed by Dregs from Our Drunk Goes To Eleven heard on show # 61

Song #92 – Humors of Whiskey performed by Jesse Linder from The Bramble and the Rose heard on show # 55

Song #93 – Sardinia Song performed by Tortuga Twins from Bad Wolf Show…Live! heard on show # 46

Song #94 – Pirate’s Life performed by Shantyman from Pirate’s Life heard on show # 43

Song #95 – Burn the Bodice performed by Joni Minstrel from Jomi Minstrel and the Revolution Against The Monarchs heard on show # 40

Song #96 – Goddess Within performed by Counterfeit Bards from Bard From This Hall heard on show # 37

Song #97 – Where Is The Renaissance performed by Pirate Comedy Show from Pirate Comedy Show Album heard on show # 31

Song #98 – Isn’t It Grand performed by 3 Pints Gone from One More Round heard on show # 28

Song #99 – 3 Song performed by Craig o’Farrington from Blue Upon Blue heard on show # 19

Song #100 – Health to the Company performed by Brobdingnagian Bards from A Faire To Remember heard on show # The First Show



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