13th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards (301G)

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Eppie Morrie performed by Brian Leo from A Bottle O’ The Best – Three Centuries Of Scottish Folksongs

Baj’s Reel performed by NeidFyre from Duck Feet Waddling

Black Velvet Band performed by Crimson Pirates from Putrid and Disgusting

Dark Lady performed by Off Keel from Running at a Slant

Tom of Bedlam performed by The Bard O’Neill from Bard of the Mountains

Christ Child Lullabye (Track 9) performed by Amanda Leo (Maggie and the Tinker) from An Uncommon Christmas

King Lear performed by Dogs in Doublets from Demo

The Prickle Holly Bush performed by Dogs in Doublets from Unreleased

When I Was a Fair Maid performed by Susan Csikos (Rambling Sailors) from Wanderlust

20 Celt Came Back, The performed by Lee Agnew from Sounds From The Village Of Carlisle

Dulaman performed by Nancy Daily-Green from Delia’s Hearth

Grania performed by Susi Matthews (Queen’s Gambit) from Pawn to King Four

Scarborough Faire performed by Faire to Middlin’ from Kilts, Celts, & Kippers

Amoroso performed by Sarah Marie Mullen from The Wild Woods

One I Love performed by Queen Anne’s Lace from Faire… To Stormy Weather

Spanish Ladies performed by The Other Woman from I Want You for Fun and Frivolity and Then I’ll Give You Back

Mandy performed by Bethany McLyr from The Eye of the Storm

News Frae Moidart performed by Zoe Alexander from Bardsong

Star of the County Down performed by Kathleen Johnson from Faire Music

Mrs McGraw performed by Chaste Treasure from Chaste Treasure

O Whistle (An’ I’ll Come Tae Ye) performed by Lady Prudence from All’s Faire

Endearing Young Charms performed by Hey Nunnie Nunnie from Hey Nunnie! Nunnie!

Siuil a Ruin performed by Abby Green from Why Should I?

The Way Old Friends Do performed by Brian Leo from Tinker Live – The House Concert Album

Milestone Show – Three Hundred Episodes – A Look Back (300G)


Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Magazine


The Renaissance Festival Bawdy Show

The Q.U.A.S.O.R. Podcast

Song #1 – When I Was A Maid performed by Tania Opland & Mike Freeman from Choice Faire heard on show The First Show # 1

Song #2 – Dragonborn (Theme from Skyrim) performed by Celtica Fae from Debut Album heard on show Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival # 298

Song #3 – Mingulay Boat Song performed by BOOM from Prepare to be Boarded heard on show

Song #4 – Spanish Ladies performed by Pride O’ Bedlam from Refit heard on show

Song #5 – Call Of The Sea performed by Sirens’ Song from Starlight And Shadow heard on show New Music # 290

Song #6 – Love Is A Verb performed by Carl Asch from Songs Of The Open Road heard on show Love Song Show # 289

Song #7 – Come Take a Trip on the Quasor performed by Marc Gunn and Written by Nicholas London from SINGLE heard on show

Song #8 – Better Than You performed by Bell Book & Canto from Poor Life Choices heard on show New CDs of 2016 # 279

Song #9 – Where, Oh Where, Art Thou Tonight performed by Boogie Knights from Many A Sleepless Knight heard on show Chuck’s Filk Show # 278

Song #10 – Spancil Hill performed by Chris Gray from Fuist heard on show Shakespeare Approves # 276

Song #11 – Raggle Taggle Gypsies performed by Jackdaws from On the Lash heard on show Round Table at The Louisiana Renaissance Festival # 273

Song #12 – Rainbow Blues performed by Blackmore’s Knight from A Ghost of a Rose heard on show The Lady’s Show # 270

Song #13 – Why Does Love…? performed by Merry Measure from Faire Warning heard on show Love Songs at Faire # 265

Song #14 – Itches In Me Britches performed by The Interpreters,  from And  We’re Back! heard on show Instrumental and A Capella # 264

Song #15 – If I Were a Blackbird performed by Bardmageddon from Crows and Kings heard on show General Show # 263

Song #16 – German Clock-Winder performed by Bramblebush from Songs From The Glade heard on show Ken Went to the Faire # 262

Song #17 – One Last Song performed by Molly and the Tinker from The Best Of Molly & The Tinker, Vol. 2 heard on show 11th Anniversary Drinking Show. # 261

Song #18 – Parting Glass performed by Medieval Fair of Norman, OK from Last Huzzah! heard on show Medieval Fair of Norman OK # 257

Song #19 – Beggar’s Song, Rigadoo performed by Water Street Bridge from Hard Times heard on show Celts at the RenFest # 252

Song #20 – Drive the Cold Winter Away performed by Porter & Stout from Christmas on the Cutlass heard on show

Song #21 – Traveling Minstrels performed by Rowan & the Rose from Friendly Traveling Minstrels heard on show Round Table at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival # 248

Patreon Songs:

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Song #80 – Star of the County Down performed by Season’s Melody from The Crossroads Faire heard on show # 124

Song #81 – Kilkelly (Cedric’s Farewell) performed by Bedlam Bards from Furious Fancies heard on show # 112

Song #82 – Bonny Rollin’ Sailor performed by Limey Birds from Yo-Ho heard on show # 109

Song #83 – King Of Ballyhooley performed by Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings from No Bedrolls Or Backpacks heard on show # 106

Song #84 – What Do You Do With A Drunken Duckie? performed by Neidfyre from Waddles From The Sea heard on show # 100

Song #85 – Step It Out Mary performed by Tullamore from Timber & Stream heard on show # 97

Song #86 – Johnny Jump-Up performed by Gallamor the Bard from Drive By Barding heard on show # 88

Song #87 – Wilder(er) Rover Blues performed by Bret Blackshear from Fingers, Frets and Fire heard on show # 85

Song #88 – Enchantment of Fairies performed by Cantiga from Once Upon A Time heard on show # 79

Song #89 – Farmers Polska performed by Wolgemut from Momento heard on show # 76

Song #90 – Pavanne performed by Cast In Bronze from Spirit Of The Bells heard on show # 64

Song #91 – General Taylor performed by Dregs from Our Drunk Goes To Eleven heard on show # 61

Song #92 – Humors of Whiskey performed by Jesse Linder from The Bramble and the Rose heard on show # 55

Song #93 – Sardinia Song performed by Tortuga Twins from Bad Wolf Show…Live! heard on show # 46

Song #94 – Pirate’s Life performed by Shantyman from Pirate’s Life heard on show # 43

Song #95 – Burn the Bodice performed by Joni Minstrel from Jomi Minstrel and the Revolution Against The Monarchs heard on show # 40

Song #96 – Goddess Within performed by Counterfeit Bards from Bard From This Hall heard on show # 37

Song #97 – Where Is The Renaissance performed by Pirate Comedy Show from Pirate Comedy Show Album heard on show # 31

Song #98 – Isn’t It Grand performed by 3 Pints Gone from One More Round heard on show # 28

Song #99 – 3 Song performed by Craig o’Farrington from Blue Upon Blue heard on show # 19

Song #100 – Health to the Company performed by Brobdingnagian Bards from A Faire To Remember heard on show # The First Show



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