Renaissance Festival Podcast Wins in the Parsec Awards

Once again, I was invited to perform at the Parsec Awards at DragonCon 2011.  Playing music was no surprise but when the Renaissance Festival Podcast announced as winner of the 2011 Parsec Awards for Best Music Podcast, I was a bit blown away.

I started this podcast back in 2005 to highlight all the great Renaissance festival entertainment.  I never expected we would ever win an award though. But we did!

Renaissance Festival Podcast Wins Parsec Award

I want to thank Matt Ledder first and foremost.  This is his award.  When Matt took over the editing of this podcast in 2010, the podcast was floundering.  We were lucky if got out a show once a month.   Matt helped make things run smooth and timely.

Matt helped turn the podcast into more than just a radio show of music.  I recorded a couple interviews for the podcast.  Then Matt went out and recorded a TON of interviews.  All of a sudden, the show was not just an introduction to Renaissance festival music.  It was an introduction to the people work it.  This award would not exist without his enthusiasm and creativity.  Thank you Matt!

However, Matt is not alone.  Tony Artym also joined our team back in 2010.  He started the facebook page.  Now he runs the news and occasionally even co-hosts the podcast.  Again, I commend his passion for the podcast.  I’d love to see more minions like him.

I also want to thank Joe Haydu who kept the podcast running when I couldn’t.  Thanks also to Kristen Roger who was the show’s first dynamic host when we started the podcast together back in June of 2005.

Finally, I want to thank all the amazing musicians, entertainers, vendors, volunteers, faire owners, patrons, playtrons, Rennies, and everyone who has helped make this podcast all that it is today–an award-winning podcast!

Cheers to you all!
Marc Gunn, The Celtfather

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