13th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards (301G)

For a listing of Award Results go to http://renaissancefestivalmusic.com/awards/13th-2017/

Eppie Morrie performed by Brian Leo from A Bottle O’ The Best – Three Centuries Of Scottish Folksongs

Baj’s Reel performed by NeidFyre from Duck Feet Waddling

Black Velvet Band performed by Crimson Pirates from Putrid and Disgusting

Dark Lady performed by Off Keel from Running at a Slant

Tom of Bedlam performed by The Bard O’Neill from Bard of the Mountains

Christ Child Lullabye (Track 9) performed by Amanda Leo (Maggie and the Tinker) from An Uncommon Christmas

King Lear performed by Dogs in Doublets from Demo

The Prickle Holly Bush performed by Dogs in Doublets from Unreleased

When I Was a Fair Maid performed by Susan Csikos (Rambling Sailors) from Wanderlust

20 Celt Came Back, The performed by Lee Agnew from Sounds From The Village Of Carlisle

Dulaman performed by Nancy Daily-Green from Delia’s Hearth

Grania performed by Susi Matthews (Queen’s Gambit) from Pawn to King Four

Scarborough Faire performed by Faire to Middlin’ from Kilts, Celts, & Kippers

Amoroso performed by Sarah Marie Mullen from The Wild Woods

One I Love performed by Queen Anne’s Lace from Faire… To Stormy Weather

Spanish Ladies performed by The Other Woman from I Want You for Fun and Frivolity and Then I’ll Give You Back

Mandy performed by Bethany McLyr from The Eye of the Storm

News Frae Moidart performed by Zoe Alexander from Bardsong

Star of the County Down performed by Kathleen Johnson from Faire Music

Mrs McGraw performed by Chaste Treasure from Chaste Treasure

O Whistle (An’ I’ll Come Tae Ye) performed by Lady Prudence from All’s Faire

Endearing Young Charms performed by Hey Nunnie Nunnie from Hey Nunnie! Nunnie!

Siuil a Ruin performed by Abby Green from Why Should I?

The Way Old Friends Do performed by Brian Leo from Tinker Live – The House Concert Album