Twice monthly music and entertainment from Renaissance festivals with Celtic music, Irish folk music, Scottish bagpipes, English folk, Gypsy music, Renaissance music, and comedy from groups performing this week at a faire near you.

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“I enjoy your podcasts so much that it is now all that I listen to at work. Thank you for your wonderful work, keep it up and I will continue to tell everyone I can about it.” – Kevin Thornhill, Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

The Renaissance Festival Podcast is sponsored by Celtic Invasion Vacations, Renaissance Magazine and the Celtic Music CD Store.

Looking for Renaissance Festival CDs? Try These:

The Circle -  Katrina Ren Faire Benefit CDThree Quarter AleCantigaBrob Bards
Hey Nunnie NunnieMarc GunnThe Poxy  BoggardsBounding  Main
Bedlam BardsQueen's  GambitSeelie CourtDjilia Phralengo


No iPod Needed… What is a Podcast?

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Podcasting is a new technology that allows individuals like me to create our very own radio show to share with people who enjoy similar things. To make things easier, you can copy the RSS feed below, insert it into a program like iPodder or Apple iTunes and automatically download new programs as they are released.

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